Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Possible Decision Coming on Land & Transportation Plan

Updated 3/11/09

“No more large developments,” “fix Route 54 first,”, and “don’t route heavy traffic through residential neighborhoods” have been typical citizen objections. The “LUTP” will guide Morrisville’s growth for the next 25 years. A large number of residents are opposing the Plan. Major concerns are more high density commercial & residential developments, additional regional activity centers around the planned Park West Village, and the proposed Crabtree Creek Parkway extension.

Remaining Meeting Scheduled
Tues, Mar 24 – 6:30 pm: Possible Decision

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Since the Land Use Plan is designed for the long term, current market conditions should not overrule what citizens want. Market conditions change! Five years ago, Cary rezoned large commercial parcels in Weston to low density residential. The Plan should reflect what citizen’s want for the future, not what developers prefer today. The Public and Advisory Committee’s citizen members favored the enhancement of Morrisville as a low-density residential community, NOT higher density apartments, commercial and over 900 acres of “mixed use” development.

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More details on citizens’ objections to the LUTP are outlined below in the following article.