Friday, August 29, 2008

Town Considering Elminating Oversight of Most Building Plan Approvals

At the 8/26/08 Board of Commissioners (Town Council) meeting, the Planning Director proposed that he be given greatly expanded “administrative authority” to unilaterally approve building plans and projects without public oversight by the Town Council and Planning and Zoning Board. Advance details of this proposal did not appear on the agenda of the meeting. For projects approved at his discretion, there would be limited prior public notification and no public hearings.

The following types of construction projects are being considered in this proposal as long as it conforms to zoning regulations, requires no variances and complies with other ordinances:

Public Facilities
Commercial Buildings smaller than 40,000 square feet
Office & Institutional Buildings smaller than 40,000 square feet
Flex Buildings smaller than 40,000 square feet
Uses in Approved Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and Master Plans
Residential Recreation Centers
Single Family Detached Preliminary Subdivisions
Single Family Attached Preliminary Subdivisions & Site Plans
Community Utility Facilities
Projects in Town Center (in compliance with Code once adopted)

The proposal removes public oversight on most of the future building projects in Morrisville. The Town Council directed that the proposal be formally prepared for it and the Planning & Zoning Board.

Please email:
Town Council:
Planning & Zoning Board:
Ben Hitchings, Planning Director:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Recreation Programs Announced

The Town of Morrisville is offering a broad variety of classes, sports leagues and programs to suit the recreational needs of residents and non-residents from the age of 16 months to beyond 55 years. From aerobics classes to tennis lessons, the Town will be providing programs in fitness, athletics, aquatics and more. You may register at the facilities or on-line:

On-Site Registration:
To register for Stroke School or Swimming Lessons, visit the Morrisville Aquatics & Fitness Center at 1301 Morrisville Pkwy.
To register for the “Before/After School programs,” “Ready, Set, Go!”, “Way Out Work Days” or “Summer Camp,” visit the Cedar Fork Community Center at 1050 B Town Hall Drive.
For all other programs, you can register at either facility or the Town of Morrisville Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department office at 240 Town Hall Drive.

Online Registration:
To register on line, please click on the following link: Registration
If you have participated with any of the Town's programs before, please call the Department’s main office at 463-7110 or Amy Lindley at 463-7116 to have your User Name and Password emailed to you.
If you have not participated in Morrisville's recreation programs before, please fill out the requested information to receive a User Name and Password. All User Names and Passwords will be sent to you within 24 to 48 hours.

For the full list of programs click on: Recreation Programs

Please note that the registration dates for residents and non-resident may differ. If you have any questions about these recreation programs, please email:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Speed Zone Time Change for Morrisville Elementary School

In an effort to improve the safety of the children, the Police Department reports that the Morrisville Parkway School Speed Zone time in the morning has been changed. It is now in effect from 8:30 to 9:30 am. The afternoon time remains from 3:15 to 4:15 pm. All signs and flashing lights have been adjusted.

Please keep in mind that this is a year round school and does not follow the conventional school schedule. If you travel on Morrisville Parkway, remember the School Speed Zone times and its 25 mph speed limit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Land Use & Transportation Plan Being Reviewed by P&Z Board

Updated 9/15/08:
Morrisville is updating it long term Land Use and Transportation Plans (LUTP). The Town is determining how our community should grow and where transportation improvements should occur during the next 35 years. These plans will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel.

At the August 14th Open House and Public Hearing, the LUTP was presented to the Planning & Zoning Board. A number of citizens voiced concern with the Plan’s key recommendations.

The Plan's Public Workshops and Focus Groups provided considerable opportunity for citizens to communicate. And they did -- in large numbers. However, does the LUTP truly reflect what citizens said?

The Plan's Advisory Committee was a cross-section of the community and proved to be most knowledgeable on the subject. Is the consensus of the Committee members reflected in the Plan?

Unfortunately, the answers to both these questions raise some concern. Did the Town miss a golden opportunity to develop a Land Use and Transportation Plan that is truly reflective of the citizens of Morrisville?

Here are a few examples:

Citizens had overwhelming identified NC 54 as THE major issue for the Town. Unless this issue is dealt with, the increasing of traffic congestion will limit future growth. Citizens and Committee members wanted a detailed plan for needed improvements to NC 54. In the initial drafts, the Plan only cited NC 54 as a “problem.” Following strong prodding by the Advisory Committee, a conceptualization of what NC 54 should look like appeared in the recent Plan drafts. However, the practicality of what is proposed for NC 54 was never discussed by the Committee or presented to the public for consideration. Also, NC54 improvements should have been the KEY recommendation in the written Transportation Plan.

The most recent cost estimate for the Crabtree Crossing Extension is at least 11 million dollars. 2,000 additional autos will feed into a limited travel street in a prime residential neighborhood. At considerable additional expense, there would be need to install traffic deterring measures. Citizens overwhelming voiced opposition to this road extension. It SHOULD NOT be included in the Plan.

Public consensus was for the Land Use Plan to concentrate on enhancing Morrisville as an attractive residential community. Adding higher density land use is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The Town’s citizens clearly stated: “No more large development” and “Slow down growth!”

The expanded area surrounding Park West Village consists of predominately single family homes (Preston, Weston Estates, etc). It is one of the Triangle’s prime residential areas. There was NO public support for ADDITIONAL Regional Activity Centers at this location. This proposal comes SOLELY from the Town Staff and the Consultant.

There is still time for the Planning & Zoning Board as well as the Town Council to make certain that the Land Use & Transportation Plan is what citizens asked for!

REVISED Meeting Schedule. All at Town Hall.

10/9/08 P&Z Board – 3rd Briefing & Possible Recommendation

11/12/08 Town Council – Open House & 1st Briefing

11/24/08 Town Council – Public Hearing

12/9/08 Town Council – 2nd Briefing

12/17/08 Town Council – Possible Decision

Citizens may view the proposed Land Use and Transportation Plans in three ways:

1 - DOWNLOAD in low-resolution PDF files from:
2008 Land Use & Transportation Plans

2 - PICK UP a CD-ROM with high-resolution PDF files from the Morrisville Planning Department

3 - VIEW a printed copy at Morrisville Town Hall

Let your voice be heard at the Town Council Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 24. Citizens are also encouraged to send email to the members of the two Town Boards at:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Major NC 54 Intersection Being Improved

Traffic flow at one of Morrisville’s most congested rush-hour intersections will soon see considerable improvement. The Town will be adding more turn lanes and extending existing ones at NC 54 and Morrisville Carpenter Road/Aviation Parkway. Key changes will include:

1 – Addition of Right Turn lane from NC 54 to Aviation Parkway
2 – Addition of Right Turn lane from NC 54 to Morrisville Carpenter Road

The improvements will require extensive construction, including relocation of the railroad gates on Morrisville Carpenter Road. Estimated completion date is July 2009. Additional delays are expected during the construction period. However, when completed there should be considerable improvement of traffic flow at this major Morrisville intersection.

To see all changes, Left Click on Map Above or go to: NC54 Improvement

Monday, August 4, 2008

Park West Future Expansion?

Here is the latest: On the right is a site plan for Park West Village (Route 54 & Cary Parkway) that its developer had previously prepared. Added to the 95-acre massive mixed use center, was a large parcel at the corner of Route 54 and Morrisville Parkway. This parcel included more retail outlets and a second entrance from Morrisville Parkway. It is believed that the developer owns this corner property. What is the developer's future plans for this parcel? Will it become part of Park West Village? View the site plan on page 6 & 7 of the developer's brochure: click on Park West Village.

Friday, August 1, 2008

WRAL-TV Highlights This Website

For WRAL-TV announcement of the "Citizens FOR Morrisville" Community Website, please click on the following link: WRAL.