Friday, September 27, 2013


Jackie Holcombe: Innovative and most successful first term (click on: State of Morrisville). The Mayor has maintained a high public profile devoting in excess of 50 hours a week to sound public policy, transparent government, community outreach and exemplary dedication to community service. Responsive to citizens concerns and town issues, always available to personally discuss a matter with any resident or group. With a proven track record and commitment to positive solutions, fiscal responsibility and responsive leadership, ready to continue as an effective Mayor of Morrisville.
Mark Stohlman: Generally opposes what most citizens want - road improvement funding increase (voted against new 2014 revenue for it), farmers market move to Morrisville (9/13), election reform (2013 “at-large” voting proposal), historic preservation (2012 tobacco barns). In 2012 voted for 12% spending increase with insufficient new revenue to cover it. Claims to be against tax increases, but championed 19% tax raise in 2009 budget. Based on infrequent participation in community activities, citizens’ workshops and town events, could be a “part-time” mayor.
Narendra Singh: Rarely attends council meetings and not seen at community events – has sparse opportunity for knowledge of citizen concerns and town issues. Spends 5 days each week in Fayetteville - except for a few weekday evenings each month, could only be a limited “weekend” mayor.


TJ Cawley: Strong proponent of traffic congestion reduction, balanced & sustainable growth, parks, greenways, bicycle paths, enhancing town infrastructure, fiscal responsibility and town center. Demonstrates civic leadership on numerous town committees and participates in countless community activities.  Conversant with citizens concerns and town issues.  Present at every council meeting and town activity.

Vinnie Goel: Rarely attends council meetings. Limited exposure to town wide issues and citizens interests.

Vicki Scroggins-Johnson: Priorities include improving roads, enhancing Morrisville’s identity with sports, festivals, historical preservation, building and preserving parks, advancing town’s green footprint and encouraging innovation.  Strong community leadership as Chair of Public Safety Committee and President of Savannah HOA.  Attends all council meetings and town public activities.  Well versed in community concerns and town issues.
Margaret Broadwell: Often found unprepared for council meetings - obvious that briefing materials have not been adequately reviewed.
Rao Bondalapati: No prior service on citizen committees. Does not attend council meetings; not seen at community events. Little chance to be aware of citizen concerns, town issues, and NC regulations.
Pete Martin: Active supporter of balanced growth, emphasis on residential enhancement, increased parks and recreation activities, improved police and fire protection, solutions to traffic issues, contacting and listening to citizens.  Known for always being accessible to residents. Outstanding previous 12 years of service on council as “voice of citizens.” Participates in all town meetings and activities. Thorough understanding of citizen concerns and town issues.
Steve Rao: Wants town to be global corporate hub (video on his website); believes town’s commercial expansion is more important than residential enhancement (2013 council retreat).

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