Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The New Town Council

We wish the new Morrisville Town Council well.  We ask that each elected official be independent and only be concerned with citizen and town interests.  For the sake of our town’s future it is imperative that council members always have an open mind, thoroughly review all material related to an issue, and heed the opinions and analysis of residents and the town’s professional staff.  We object to elected officials being unprepared for meetings, following the direction of a group and individual campaign supporters, and voting in lock-step with other council members following prior outside agreement.   

Any candidate endorsed by Citizens For Morrisville must have this commitment. Citizens For Morrisville personally witnesses the motivation, dedication and knowledge of the candidates. Our members are most active and involved in Town activities. We attend most Town Council Meetings and other functions, volunteer service on various town committees and programs, speak at public hearings, and closely follow the issues facing our community.  There is no agenda for our endorsed candidates to fulfill.  The only requirement is honesty and integrity in independently representing what one truly feels is in the best interest of citizens and the town

Public officials should be independent, knowledgeable, and committed to serving only the interests of citizens, not a personal agenda, an outside group’s special interests, or yield to the persuasiveness of a another council member. Citizens For Morrisville will be watching to assure that this is the guiding principle of our new Town Council.

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TJ Cawley said...

I am humbled by the trust placed in me by the residents of Morrisville. I plan to do my very best to always have the best interest of the Town and it's citizens in mind when deliberating and deciding issues brought before the council.
Thank you for your informed and active role in promoting good governance.