Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Land Use & Transportation Plans, 2008-2035

Morrisville is updating it long term Land Use and Transportation Plans. The Town will be determining how our community should grow and where transportation improvements should occur in the next 35 years. These plans will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel.

The proposed Land Use and Transportation Plans are now available. Citizens may view the document in three ways:

1 - DOWNLOAD in low-resolution PDF files from:

2 - PICK UP a CD-ROM with high-resolution PDF files from the Morrisville Planning Department

3 - VIEW a printed copy at Morrisville Town Hall or the Morrisville Planning Department

Morrisville Planning Department - 260 Town Hall Drive, Suite B – 8am-5pm, Mon to Thurs, 8am-12noon on Fri. (919) 463-6194.

Morrisville Town Hall - 100 Town Hall Drive – 8am–5pm, Mon to Thurs, 8am-12noon on Fri. (919) 463-6200.

You are encouraged to attend the presentation of the proposed Plans and comment on it at the Planning and Zoning Board meeting on Thursday, August 14, 2008 at Town Hall (Open House at 5 PM, Meeting starts at 6 PM). You may also email your opinions to Ashley Jones (

There will also be additional meetings of the Planning and Zoning Board and Town Council where the public can make comments. Citizens may send email to the members of the two Town Boards at:

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