Saturday, August 9, 2008

Major NC 54 Intersection Being Improved

Traffic flow at one of Morrisville’s most congested rush-hour intersections will soon see considerable improvement. The Town will be adding more turn lanes and extending existing ones at NC 54 and Morrisville Carpenter Road/Aviation Parkway. Key changes will include:

1 – Addition of Right Turn lane from NC 54 to Aviation Parkway
2 – Addition of Right Turn lane from NC 54 to Morrisville Carpenter Road

The improvements will require extensive construction, including relocation of the railroad gates on Morrisville Carpenter Road. Estimated completion date is July 2009. Additional delays are expected during the construction period. However, when completed there should be considerable improvement of traffic flow at this major Morrisville intersection.

To see all changes, Left Click on Map Above or go to: NC54 Improvement

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Michael Roberts and the 800 signatures he presented for pushing to get this finally moving forward. Unfortunately, until this was raised by this group nothing was happening.