Monday, August 4, 2008

Park West Future Expansion?

Here is the latest: On the right is a site plan for Park West Village (Route 54 & Cary Parkway) that its developer had previously prepared. Added to the 95-acre massive mixed use center, was a large parcel at the corner of Route 54 and Morrisville Parkway. This parcel included more retail outlets and a second entrance from Morrisville Parkway. It is believed that the developer owns this corner property. What is the developer's future plans for this parcel? Will it become part of Park West Village? View the site plan on page 6 & 7 of the developer's brochure: click on Park West Village.


Anonymous said...

Who didn't see this coming.....

The Morrisville board was asked about the parcel, zoned General Business, during Park West deliberations. Their response was not to respond.

Too bad the Park West developers weren't held to the 65% impervious surface max. The 4 acre parcel at the corner could have been used to comply with the ordinance.

With zoning in the developer's favor, this one is a done deal.

Good catch on the updated site plan.

Anonymous said...

Actually the developers were asked by the P&Z to include this parcel. In fact, the developer was in discussions with the town regarding using a portion for a Fire Station. Not sure what came of that, but it was brought into the discussion.