Friday, September 5, 2008

New Land Use & Transportation Plan NOT What Citizens Asked For

Updated 9/15/08
Why can't our Town seek a Land Use & Transportation Plan (LUTP) that actually reflects what its citizens want? Apparently the belief is that the "experts" know better. Then why go through the charade, time and considerable expense of representing a document as the "voice of the people?" The Plan's Public Workshops and Focus Groups provided considerable opportunity for citizens to communicate. And they did -- in large numbers. The Plan's Advisory Committee was a cross-section of the community and proved to be most knowledgeable on the subject. However, does the LUTP truly reflect what citizens said? Is the consensus of the Committee members reflected in the Plan? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions raise considerable concern.

Public consensus was for the Land Use Plan to concentrate on enhancing Morrisville as an attractive residential community. The Town’s citizens clearly stated: “No more large development” and “Slow down growth!” However, the Plan reclassifies a significant amount of land parcels for commercial and dense residential development in expanded “Regional Activity Centers.”

Citizens had overwhelming identified NC 54 as THE major issue for the Town. However, the desirability of what is proposed for NC 54 was never presented to the public for consideration or discussed by the Advisory Committee. In addition, the Transportation Plan proposes road extensions that were overwhelmingly opposed by Morrisville’s citizens.

The Land Use & Transportation Plan will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel for the next 35 years. There is still time for the Morrisville’s Planning & Zoning Board as well as Town Council to make certain that the LUTP is what citizens asked for!

REVISED Meeting Schedule -- all at Town Hall.

10/9/08 P&Z Board – 3rd Briefing and Possible Recommendation

11/12/08 Town Council – 1st Briefing & Open House

11/20/08 Town Council – Public Hearing

12/9/08 Town Council – 2nd Briefing

12/17/08 Town Council – Possible Decision

For information on reviewing the proposals, please click on the following link: 2008 Land Use & Transportation Plans.

Let your voice be heard at the Town Council Public Hearing on Thursday, November 20. Citizens are also encouraged to send email to the members of the two Town Boards at:

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